4Ps Alleviates Us from the Burden of Poverty: An Interview with Nor-aisa, Daughter of the Program Beneficiary

“It was only when my mother became a recipient of Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Program (4Ps) when we began to feel the ease from our difficulties in life. My mother and my father do not have enough education that my father landed as a tenant farmer, from which we mainly earned our living. My mother plants vegetables and sell them to our neighbors, but harvest is very insignificant in helping our father assuage our economic difficulties”, said Nor-aisa Mamaonte Binatac”.


            The ugly face of poverty is a glaring reality for the family of Nor-aisa as could be seen in their dilapidated house, made of nipa and bamboos, where her family lives. Nor-aisa said, “Despite our hardship, we remained an intact family because we hold high values for love of family”.


She added “You know, when I was in elementary grades, I could always remember the days when we have no rice to eat; only kamote. My mother told me not to complain because she had to pay for a debt, which I surmised as inherent in a poor family to borrow money to fill in the gap of our daily expenses.


            “During my tender age, I used to bring to my father something to drink and eat. I was so hurt to see my father sweating under the blistering heat of the sun because of us. I then began to understand the meaning of poverty”, Nor-aisa said.


            The advent of 4Ps has improved our living conditions to a certain extent. We are no longer eating kamote and we no longer serve our father with the usual black coffee with cold water, but juice with cold water.


            Small the amount my mother is receiving from 4Ps, but it helps a lot in our lives as poorest of the poor family that every centavo is wisely spent to make both ends meet.

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