4Ps is a Blessing Among the Poorest: An Interview with Mrs. Omar

“Poorest as we are, it hurts me so gravely that my husband died leaving with me seven offsprings. It’s an agony I have suffered, both physical and mental, but I have to withstand the tribulation because of my children,” admits Mrs. Omar. “I could not imagine on how I could be able to take care of our children, “she added.


“Seven mouths to feed plus me is something I have so much to be worried for. The only thing that came into my mind then was to venture into business with the small amount left to me by my husband. I put up a small roving small sari-sari store in Pag-asinan Elementary School, which store I posted in said school during school days. I also accepted repairs of clothes/dresses, but my income in both businesses could not really suffice for my family basic needs, such as foods and clothings.” Mrs. Omar further elaborated.


“I was so desperate. Then I ventured into running for barangay kagawad (barangay council). I was surprised that I won. It’s an added income to sustain my family” she said.


She enthusiastically added “But in all those endeavors I have done for my family, I was so very appreciative of the Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Program not only on the financial assistance it has provided to my family, but the knowledge I have earned from the Family Development Sessions the program regularly conducted.” It has given me a lot of learning on our family and social responsibilities that I have even volunteered as Barangay Health Worker.

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