Mrs. JumHarija Januni, a 42 year-old Pantawid Pamilya beneficiary and a resident of Barangay San Raymundo, with a household numbers 156602007-0195-00862, is a mother of seven children.

According to her, before the program existed, she was having a difficulty sending her children to school because at that time she was a full time housewife while his husband Mr. Alih Januni was a part time laborer and carpenter who only makes P150.00 as their daily income. Such a meager income is aggravated by the nature of his job being seasonal. In most instances, my husband’s earnings could not make both ends meet.

In 2009, Mrs. Januni became a beneficiary of Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Program (4Ps). She said the felt so fortunate the time she was informed as beneficiary of the program. “It is our long- time prayer to find an opportunity that could support for the education of their children. We do not want our children to be illiterate like us so we really aspire to see them finished their studies and have a decent job”, she said.

We received our first and second cash grant amounting to P5,200.00 and P9,800.00, respectively, in 2010. “We used the money for all the educational needs of our children”, Mrs. Januni said. According to her, their children are so overjoyed that for the first time their children are able to utilize new school supplies (new uniforms, shoes, etc.).

“Had it not been for the Pantawid Pamilya Program, life could continue to be miserable”, she asserted. She said the part of the cash grants they received is used to put up a mini sari-sari store and mini snack house (pagpapastilan). “We decided to put up a mini sari-sari store to augment our daily income to supplement our everyday needs like the allowances of our children and other basic necessities” she further stressed.

According to Mrs. Januni, the mini sari-sari store is indeed of great help to the family because there are times that her husband has no job. If no building is being constructed his husband has no income.

She said that the total revenue of the sari-sari store and mini snack house can reach P500 to P800 a day; just enough to satisfy their daily needs. But there are days when income is very low at P150 to P250, especially when there are no school classes.

Mrs. Januni emphasized that while program provides conditional cash grants to its beneficiaries, which are the dire need of poorest families like us, it also provides us a valuable investment. The program gives us the opportunity to mingle and socialize with other people, which we seldom do in the past. The camaraderie, the friendship and the knowledge that we are learning on various activities and through the Family Development Session are also beneficial that will surely help us during and after 4p’s implementation.

‘Malagguh in pagsukulanku ha Parinta Pilipinasna pawn in PantawidPamilya Program malagguh in katatabangan sin 4p’s ini ha pagiskul sin mgakaanakankuiban sin pagusahausahakuh “; from Januni family. (Many thanks to 4Ps. It has helped a lot, especially the schooling of children).

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