Resource Generation of Assistive Devices

RESWAD January 15, 2016: The Philippine United Support Organization (PUSO), a non-government organization based in Belfast, Northern Ireland of the United Kingdom donated some assistive devices intended for ARMM PWDs and Older Persons as they learned that DSWD in the autonomous region caters disadvantaged sectors through the Disabled Persons Welfare Program (DPWP).

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The following assistive devices were donated by the ROYAL VICTORIA HOSPITAL – FRACTURE CLINIC under the leadership of HEAD WARD SISTER MS. MARGARET ROBINSON:

6 Cricket Base for fractured knees;
18 Air casts Boots for sprained legs and not manageable by surgery;
5 Metatarsal Boots;
1 Thora Column Bar Support for Spinal Surgery;
2 Knee Brace for support of injured Knee (sand color);
6 Innovation Brace for support of injured Knee (sand Color);
3 Timer Frame – (Walker);
35 Arm Crutches;
2 Armpit Crutches; and
4 Elbow Braces

Said assistive devices are slightly used but in mint condition were hand-delivered by BAI INDIRAH ABDULLAH, RN, a Filipina nurse from the region, took the initiative of asking the hospital management through Sister Robinson for donation to ARMM constituents.

The devices were gratefully accepted by the Regional Secretary Bai Rahima Datumanong-Alba, Asst. Regional Secretary Hadja Pombaen Karon-Kader and Planning Officer Ms. Umaya Adil-Salik.

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