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r gold smEENGINEER
  1. {tip Inventory of Personnel::
    • Produce a list of personnel which includes their individual contact details, address, academic background, knowledge and skills, and summary of TOR.
    • Increase Employees Productivity through:
      1. Installation of Biometric DTR;
      2. Quarterly MDC;
      3. Performance Evaluation System;
      4. PREW

    }Inventory of Personnel{/tip}

  2. {tip Capability & Capacity Building::
    • Must have list of skills and capacities of personnel in order to determine the needs of personnel;
    • Conduct capacity development trainings, knowledge-sharing activities in accordance to the needs of personnel;
    • Promotion of performance based incentives of employees/workers

    }Capability & Capacity Building{/tip}

  3. {tip Fulfillment of Employees’ TOR::
    • Encourage permanent personnel to regularly report for duties.
    • Strict assessment of attendance based on their DTR;
    • Identify work ratio of personnel (Plantilla Position vis-a-vis Designated Position).

    }Fulfillment of employees/workers’ PDF/TOR regardless of their special functions{/tip}

  4. {tip Contractualization Scheme::
    • Lobby to DBM for the inclusion of project-based workers to contractualization scheme;
    • Recruitment/Hiring of contractual personnel shall be strictly according to merits and qualifications.
    • For Re-hiring, some requisites are case folders and individual accomplishments.

    }Contractualization Scheme{/tip}

  5. {tip Strengthen Collaboration::
    • Encourage MAT to continue the remaining activities of the project such as monitoring and evaluation of projects after the conclusion of contract of special project personnel

    }Strengthen collaboration among Special Project Personnel and MAT with the Provincial Office{/tip}

  1. {tip System Upgrade::
    • Convergence approach shall be employed to upgrade data consolidation. Reactivation of Taskforce Website Management and Maintenance.
    • Establishment of Internet Connection and Telephone/Fax.
    • Transparency and Accountability
      • On time submission of liquidations
      • Issuance of Credit Notice from COA Auditor
    • Proper maintenance of office facilities, utilities and personnel.

    }System Upgrade{/tip}

    • Data Management
    • Information & Communication
    • Financial Management
    • Administrative Services
  2. {tip Institutionalize M&E::
    • Formulation and adoption of tools (M&E, Report Templates, etc.);
    • Regular submission of periodic reports. }Institutionalize Monitoring & Evaluation{/tip}
r gold smEGAIN
  1. {tip Improve Accessibility to Service::
    • Establishment of clear service flow chart for the delivery of programs/projects;
    • Visibility and immersion of field workers in their respective areas of assignment;
    • Mainstreaming of Citizens Charter.

    }Improve accesibility of Service to realize a “people-centered” agency{/tip}

  2. {tip Media Mileage::
    • Employ services of media to provide public access to information and updates on agency’s initiatives, services, program and projects.

    }Media Mileage{/tip}

  3. {tip Participatory, Accountablity & Transparency::
    • Adherence to open governance policy of the current administration.

    }Participatory, Accountability and Transparency{/tip}

  4. {tip Convergence Approach::
    • Strengthen internal convergence within the agency;
    • Enhance collaborative efforts with the National Government, Line Agencies, ODA and CSOs for external convergence approach.

    }Convergence Approach (Internal & External){/tip}

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